Meet the dogs of Barking Brook Sled Dog Teams

We hope you enjoy your visit with the Barking Brook team members! Our team is strong, with pups we raise ourselves. Our retirees stay with us for life, we are 100% committed to our dogs. 14 years of musher experience plus the knowledge passed between dogs and dog generations.

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Ziva the Diva yearling, leader in training

Born: October 15, 2011

Ziva is a little darling dynamo. She is one of Pema’s super puppies, born to run and born darn-tooting-cute. She is a great worker and has wonderful lead potential we are working on. She also has the cutest LITTLEST ears…so tiny and adorable!!!
She was the only girl in her litter so she is a tom-boy at heart, rough and tumble and runs around at top speed in the kennel tempting all to play with her at her favorite games. In the team she is such a hard worker, and at the truck she loves gentle hugs and pats from all our customers.