Meet the dogs of Barking Brook Sled Dog Teams

We hope you enjoy your visit with the Barking Brook team members! Our team is strong, with pups we raise ourselves. Our retirees stay with us for life, we are 100% committed to our dogs. 14 years of musher experience plus the knowledge passed between dogs and dog generations.

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Super Smudge Team Dog

Smudge: cuddles like a lap dog, blazes a trail like a jet, wags like a happy hound! Smudgie is a handsome devil, dark sable with wild parti-eyes.  He has a zillion nicknames, more than any dog in the kennel.  He is a great little sled dog, hard working and happy.  But he has other talents too…he can wiggle his eyebrows!  He is also a great cuddler. He is a thief - of hearts! He will find a way to steal yours, be is tickling you with kisses or batting his eye lashes at you. He is fun to hug, always gives a big smile and a long gentle gaze. Sometimes I just grab hold of his cute paws and let him have my undivided attention just because he asked for it. Why not? You only live once. Smudge is a sure fire worker on the dog sled tour team. His enthusiasm to take off (yipping, jumping in the air, wagging his tail furiously) is easy to see. He often runs next to his pretty daughter little Sweet Tart. They make a nice pair with their wildly marked faces and dark coats. Lovely!