Meet the dogs of Barking Brook Sled Dog Teams

We hope you enjoy your visit with the Barking Brook team members! Our team is strong, with pups we raise ourselves. Our retirees stay with us for life, we are 100% committed to our dogs. 14 years of musher experience plus the knowledge passed between dogs and dog generations.

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Blossom The Awesome Team Dog, can also run Lead

Born: June 3, 2007

Blossom is Kubota’s daughter and has his same coloration. She is SUPER cute and loves to be cuddled. In the kennel she is loads of fun and very playful. She is Smudge’s favorite girl and Tart’s mother. Her nicknames include Bossy Blossy, and of course Blossom the Awesome. She is a real gentle soul, an easy dog to love and hug. She gets her mellowness from her mother Pearl, who many folks have fallen in love with. Blossom patiently waits to get the same fanfare. She is also the dog who waits most patiently to get running, the one dog who looks cool as a cucumber. She is like a tractor versus a race car. She knows she can do the job and does not have to show off revving her engine! If she were a tractor she would be a Sassy massy for sure!