Meet the dogs of Barking Brook Sled Dog Teams

We hope you enjoy your visit with the Barking Brook team members! Our team is strong, with pups we raise ourselves. Our retirees stay with us for life, we are 100% committed to our dogs. 14 years of musher experience plus the knowledge passed between dogs and dog generations.

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Hakka The Handsome Rainbow Bridge

Born: March 31, 2001

Hakka was a very big handsome boy.  He was a boy in a puppy suit, very huggable and lovable.  He was good as gold.  He worked so hard in harness that sometimes if he took a wee break the team thought I had hit the brakes. (He was aptly named after a serious snow tire!)  He was easily as strong as 3 normal huskies.  He was my gentle giant. When we lost him to wherever the best dogs go our hearts broke open.