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17 miles with 10 dogs…..flying!

Whatleigh | January 25, 2011 | Training Run

I have been training 10 dog teams for sled dog rides/tours all season and have had few snow runs without passengers. Today I had the Twinkle/Bodhi team and we went all the way to the Franklin Falls Dam from Profile Falls in Bristol. The dogs loped for about 10 miles continuously, and then finally settled into a trot for the rest of the run. I saved side trails for the way back as a treat for the dogs, but some were not broken out right (drunk or crazy snow machiners). In one set we ended up doubling back on ourselves and coming out the way we went in, which involved breaking trail in pretty deep snow. Quiet a change from the hard packed and fast main trail.
The run was so perfect: exciting, relaxing, fun and even funny at times. I love watching Bodhi learn. And watching Twinkle get her mojo back! She really likes running lead with Bodhi.
The whole team was:
Twinkle & Bodhi
Pema & Bridget (eventually put Pema in wheel bcs she was ruining our perfect GEE over)
Java & Turbo
Tula & Hakka
Rainy & Smudge (Rainy went up and took Pema’s place)

Tomorrow I am taking the Kubota/Nikka team out. Not sure where I will go. Maybe explore the Bridgewater trail conditions?

This season is shaping up beautifully. Nothing like winter in Northern New Hampshire!

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