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Hopeful times for new puppies this fall!

Miss W | August 15, 2011 | Summer Events

In a mad dash of inspiration I drove 4 hours to my friends house to retrieve her handsome old dog Bonzo. Bonzo is a dog I have loved and admired for years. My sweet girl Pema was nearly ready to mate and I decided against my idea to breed her to Bodhi.
The drive was long, but at least I had Bonzo for company on the way back.

But alas it was not to be, at age 12, Bonzo was beyond this type of frollicking silliness.

So, I did let Bodhi and Pema mate.

And we are hopefully for puppies in about 2 months time! They will be all white, since both parents are white. They should be: sweet, hard working, intelligent, quiet, super athletes, sled dog leaders and GORGEOUS! But we will have to wait and see what really comes out…

Today my husband is driving Bonzo back home to my friend Valerie in Worthington, MA.
Sad to see him go. least we are still hopeful for fall puppies!

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