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What is a rescue dog???

Miss W | July 29, 2011 | Summer Events

I am very interested in what people think a RESCUE dog is! Please take my survey, comment here or FB….let me know.
Rescue Survey
The reason why BBSDA is interested in what people believe a real rescue dog is that there are some dog sled tour companies that claim to have created their teams from rescue dogs. I actually remember my first dog sled ride, a zillion years ago, with a tour company in Canada. One of my lead dogs was a dog given up by a family, she was too active to be a pet and she was a great tour dog, so friendly! They did not make a big deal of this, they had well over 100 dogs. But I have to assume that situations like that are RARE and that what is meant by the claims could actually mean they have bought a pile of dogs from another musher, or perhaps have a rescue or two amongst their 150 dogs. Not to say that all companies who claim this are lying! But if it matters to YOU as a customer you should ask exactly what this claim truly means!

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