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Dogs prepare for Evening Dog Sled Rides

Miss W | July 25, 2011 | Summer Events

Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures, llc is adding a fun new type of dog sled ride this fall and winter. NIGHT rides! Usually the human wears the headlamp, but the dogs all wanted to try it out!

Here is Hakka, he thinks this is easy!!

Kubota is used to being in lead. So he is cool as a cucumber wearing a headlamp.

Pearl is not a lead dog and is being a pretty good sport about this, but she pretty much wanted this off her head ASAP. Thanks for trying it out Pearl….I totally love you!

Pema looks elegant and capable as usual! She is not a leader, but only because she is a strong lefty. She would make a great leader for a UK team!

Twinkle, main leader for the A team thinks this is SILLY..she knows Miss W wears the headlamp!!! But…she will try anything at least once!

ps… if it isn’t clear… we are really doing these night rides! But the dogs don’t wear headlamps, people wear them bcs we cannot see in the dark. Dogs can see in the dark pretty well and in fact our headlamps might make it harder for them.

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