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Dog baths, reaching half way point, clean sled dogs!

Miss W | July 6, 2011 | Summer Events

The summer chore of giving baths is well underway. Every sled dog deserves at least one bath! Giving families dog sled rides in the winter is hardly a dirty sport, but the baths do help the winter coats shed out.

I have completed 14 out of 25 total baths. Remarkably, the worst behaved dog was Angus, our Aussie, who does not participate in dog sled rides or tours. Maybe he should… he certainly has a lot of energy and he also has a lot of coat, he is always toasty!

Blanche, who is 17, managed her bath with grace and looks like a movie star. Trader, who is 15, got through his with no muss of fuss either, but was quiet tired by the experience. The prime aged dogs who make up our working dog sled tour teams have been somewhat more challenging, some being quite vocal about their dislike of water. Oh dear! But they all seem very happy to be clean, dry and separated from a lot of insulating fluff.

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