What You Need to Know to Get Ready for Your Adventure!

What to Expect When you arrive at the site where tours will begin you will be greeted by your musher and then a team of very happy and excited dogs. But first we will go over your outdoor clothes to be sure you will be warm. Then we will go over the equipment and how you will be riding, what you need to know and need to do. Next I will show you how each dog will be harnessed and hooked up and what you will be doing during this process. Then, the exciting part happens, the dogs are dropped from their boxes and harnessed up. As the team is put on the gangline one at a time, the excitement truly builds and you will feel the power of these athletes as they try to get the sled going! When the team is assembled we will step on the runners together and set off! Instant quiet as the dogs put their all into their most favorite thing on earth: RUNNING! At first the power and speed is almost overwhelming, but soon the dogs settle into a pace they can sustain for miles and miles.

What to Wear Dog Sledding is a challenging sport to dress for. You need to dress for warmth primarily, as much of your ride you will be nearly stationary as the dogs do all the work on the trail. The work to prep the team, luckily for you, will be taken care of by your musher. I recommend heavy weight synthetic or wool long underwear followed by thick and warm mid layers of fleece or wool. Your outer layer should be a wind proof, breathable water resistant garmet that will keep your warm air in and let the sweat evaporate out. Ski pants on your bottom half are a good start, or some sort of snow pants. Again, heavy weight layers underneath are a must. Your socks should be wool or a synthetic designed for winter activities.

What to Bring
a full tummy, you need the fuel to keep you warm
chemical hand and foot warmers
a snack or drink if cocoa is not your favorite. You will want something, being out in the cold can make you very hungry!